The History of the American Landscape: At the Crossroads of Ecology and Culture

A history of the American landscape offers insights into the actions and beliefs of its inhabitants. Through a study of the landscape, we will uncover how past residents valued some aspects of the natural environment and ignored others. This course will also examine how cultural, racial, and social biases manifest themselves onto the earth’s service. In addition to a history of how men and women shaped the environment, this course explores the ways America’s unique environment shaped American culture itself. Overall, the course emphasizes the influence of “place” and environment in American history. In doing so, students will leave the classroom with a new perspective to understand modern environmental, and land-use, debates.



University of Rochester

HISTORY 235 – Earth, Wind, Water, Fire: An Environmental History of Everywhere

HISTORY/WOMEN’S STUDIES 258 – Women’s Lives in Letters, 1830-1880

Central Michigan University

MUSEUM STUDIES 310 – Introduction to Museums